At STAC we are committed to supporting our pupils health and wellbeing, so our pupils can achieve their full potential, be successful and enjoy their time at school. Our aim is to ensure our community is supportive, caring and promotes both good health and wellbeing (social, physical and mental) as the foundation for our pupils' success.

As part of this, we recognise that sometimes things both inside and outside of school can be tough, particularly on student's mental health and wellbeing. Below you will find some information that may be helpful to you. There are various wellbeing information sheets and some details of possible support that could be helpful for you. 

Do remember that there are people in school who can help. Just a few of them are mentioned below: 

1. Ms Crompton (Mental Health Lead) 

2. Your Head of Year

3. Your form tutor 

4. Mr Emirali

5. Mr Strudwick

6. Mr Middleton 


Anxiety Fact Sheet

Depression Fact Sheet

Anger Fact Sheet

Unhelpful Thinking Fact Sheet

Strategies Fact Sheet

Tips for Keeping Mental Health Sheet

School Counselling