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St Thomas the Apostle School and 6th Form College


Apprenticeships are work based training and are described as an 'earn as you learn' scheme.  The Government have invested great amounts of capital into promoting the merits of apprenticeships and have made it integral to employers when they are looking to recruit new employees.  The Government has established an agreed pay structure for people successfully gaining an apprenticeship.  Students can expect to earn over £18,500 per year for 18 year olds as well as gain a set of qualification and skills that will progress them on a career pathway.

In the Sixth Form we work with the students to identify those that want to follow a more vocational career pathway.  The students are met with every week to discuss the skills required and the current opportunities that are being offered by some of our partner businesses such as Mace, FLO, Southwark Council. Apprenticeships are very competitive and our students are given a clear programme to help support them with their applications, much like the students intending to go to university.  We also arrange a number of networking meetings through Pathway CTM, attend careers fairs every year (Skills UK, Peabody Trust) and invite speakers in to discuss what apprenticeships are, how to successfully apply and how to cope in challenging interviews.

If any student if interested in discussing apprenticeships we have a weekly careers advisor to support them as well as a number of school initiatives to build their portfolio of skills. 

At St Thomas the Apostle we have established numerous links with local and regional businesses who are keen to work with the college and the pupils.  So far employers such as Southwark Council, FM Conway, National Rail, British Gas, PwC, the London Fire Brigade, South London and Maudsley Hospital have provided opportunities to our students.
For all apprenticeship opportunities and information students and parents, as well as employers, are asked to contact Ms Rodin.