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St Thomas the Apostle School and 6th Form College


Oracy – the skilful use of speaking and listening – forms an important part of school life at STAC. It is embedded through the curriculum and extra-curricular activities.

STAC believes that speaking and listening skills honed in school are vital to developing professional communication that allows students to thrive in further education and the workplace. Furthermore, it gives children the language to express themselves, develop healthy relationships, be engaged citizens and access culture.

We strive to encourage confident communication in Standard English to a variety of audiences for a number of purposes. Modelling by teachers and structured talk in classrooms nurtures students’ capabilities in listening attentively and speaking with fluency, precision and confidence so they’re equipped to flourish in both formal and informal situations. This compliments the many literacy initiatives in place that enable students to acquire the vocabulary needed to express their ideas articulately.

Some of the myriad of opportunities we have offered this year include:

  • House Competitions – debating competitions and poetry recitals
  • Debate Mate – afterschool club coaching Year 7-10 pupils for debating competitions against other schools
  • First Give – workshops delivered by a charity helping Year 8 pupils engage with their communities and develop public speaking skills
  • Jack Petchey Speak Out Awards – workshops in public speaking leading to a nationally recognised certificate for Year 10 pupils

The philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein said “The limits of my language means the limits of my world”. At STAC, we passionately believe in giving students the opportunity to expand their academic, professional and personal horizons in order to live happy, fulfilling lives.