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St Thomas the Apostle School and 6th Form College

What Extra Curricular activities are available? 

St Thomas the Apostle College has become well known for academic excellence, but that is really only half of the ‘STAC experience’: we place equally great emphasis on what goes on beyond the classroom and on the development of character.

While we are proud of the intellectual poise, rigour and ambition we instil in our students, these qualities on their own are not enough to fulfil our wider mission to produce young men and women who are confident, able and responsible. Nor, indeed, are they sufficient to secure places at the world’s leading universities, which require applicants to demonstrate that they are well-rounded young people who will make a positive contribution to their wider communities.


Far from being an ‘exam factory’ then, we enable and equip our students to explore new horizons and to follow their passions. With each passing year, we provide and encourage more and more enrichment opportunities for our students. Significant resources are devoted to major areas of extra-curricular activity, such as music, sports, drama, debating and chess, and there are many others besides. In fact, a club, society or team exists to suit almost every interest or aspiration – and if, by chance, boys and girls do not find what they are looking for, they will be supported to establish something new. For in these endeavours, boys and girls are encouraged to develop and display skills of leadership, organisation, coaching and support – to grasp opportunities and create new ones for themselves and others. Beyond the classroom, we want our students to develop and broaden their experiences. Our clubs and societies offer this and the opportunity to socialise with students from other year groups, to organise events and to take on leadership roles.

All students also become a member of a house when they join the school, who they are able to represent in various events throughout the year, yet another opportunity to get involved in the whole-school enrichment programme. 


We have categorised our enrichment activities into three main areas – the 4Cs:


CLICK HERE to download the detailed Extra-Curricular timetable for 2023-2024. 



 e.g. volunteer, advocate for issues such as the environment, mentor, teach, assist at school events

 Challenge   e.g. debate, research, present, compete academically
 Compete  e.g. stay fit, cycle swim, run, play for school teams
 Create  e.g. paint, act, perform, dance, play an instrument, sing in the Gospel choir


Pupil Case Studies

Mariam Oderinde

My name is Mariam Oderinde. I take part in numerous extracurricular activities. The reason for this is because I believe that extracurricular activities are designed to make you build long-lasting friendships, gain transferrable skills, for instance, communication, teamwork, organisation, problem solving and time management. But it also allows you to be more confident in yourself and your abilities. And, most importantly have fun whilst obtaining these skills. As part of extracurricular activities, I partake in book reading clubs, for psychology and economics. The book I read in Psychology is called “The book you wish your parents had read”, in which is described as Philippa Perry’s sane sage and judgement-free advice that is an essential resource on how to have the best possible relationships with the people who matter to you most. Whilst in Economics I read about “The undercover economist”, which essentially looks at the world in the perspective of an economist and even explains why coffee is expensive. I recommend both of these books because they are interesting. And, furthermore, joining a book club because it gives you a better understanding of the subject you take, and it also applies to real life situations. Moreover, I take part in sports club, which are the butterfly tennis club as well as girls' sports on Thursdays. These sport clubs help me to remain fit and healthy and most importantly they are all fun. They allowed me to develop resilience, confidence and discipline which I am therefore able to transfer to any other aspect of my life, whether that be in class or outside of school. I would recommend everyone does an extra-curricular activity because not only does it encourage you to develop your own interests and allows you to mix with others.