Our fantastic staff have put together videos and subject guides to help you with your post-16 choices. If you have any further questions, please email: sixthform@stac.southwark.sch.uk and we will be happy to assist you further.


Subject Subject Guide Subject Video
Biology Biology Guide Biology Video
BTEC Applied Medical Science BTEC App Med Guide BTEC App Med Video
BTEC Business BTEC Business Guide BTEC Business Video
BTEC Sport BTEC Sport Guide BTEC Sport Video
Business Studies Business Studies Guide Business Studies Video
Chemistry Chemistry Guide Chemistry Video
Computer Science Computer Science Guide Computer Science Video
Economics Economics Guide Economics Video
English Literature English Lit Guide English Lit Video
French French Guide French Video
Further Maths Further Maths Guide Further Maths Video
Geography Geography Guide Geography Video
History History Guide History Video
Maths Maths Guide Maths Video
Music Music Guide Music Video
Philosophy and Ethics  Philosophy and Ethics Philosophy and Ethics Video
Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education Video
Physics Physics Guide Physics Video
Psychology Psychology Guide Psychology Video
Sociology Sociology Guide Sociology Video
Drama and Theatre Studies Theatre Guide Drama and Theatre Video
Politics Politics Guide  
Art- 3D design Art- 3D Design Guide Art - 3D Design Video