ECT Programme


We run a structured and highly supportive ECT programme here at St Thomas the Apostle College. Our aim is to help you continue on your path towards being an outstanding practitioner with a 2 year programme of support, induction and training. We deliver the UCL Full Induction programme


We do this in a number of ways including:


- Regular informal (and occasional formal) observations with open dialogue and clear targets

- Weekly ECT meetings lead by staff from across the school

- An assigned subject mentor

- An assigned member of the teaching and learning team

- A reduced timetable (to accommodate the fact that everything takes a little longer when you are starting out!)

- An environment of high expectation and outstanding behaviour which means you can concentrate on the important bits – teaching!

- An “open door” policy where you are always welcome to pop in and observe other staff to help develop your own practice


Pat has recently completed his NQT year, here is what he has to say:

“As an NQT at St Thomas the Apostle College, you are immediately trusted with responsibility but also supported every step of the way. As an English teacher, I have been surrounded by outstanding practitioners who not only model excellent practice, but are also willing to step in and support you by covering lessons or team teaching in the early days. Also, as an NQT, pupil behaviour may be at the top of the list of your concerns, but at STAC, pastoral systems are in place to ensure that in your classroom, you are free to simply teach. Every week the school puts on training sessions for the NQTs on a variety of topics such as Behaviour, Assessment for Learning and SEN teaching which have allowed me to continue to develop my pedagogy past the PGCE year. It’s also a great opportunity to catch up with the other NQTs, share war stories and support each other through the year! Finally, when I have put my hand up for additional responsibilities, the school has been very willing to support me. This year I ran PSHCE at the school and am looking forward to being Head of Year 7 in September. I feel very lucky to have spent my NQT year at this school.”


Umar has recently completed his NQT year, here is what he has to say:

"One of the main pull factors of starting my teaching career at STAC was its commitment to developing teachers through its NQT programme. The mentors at STAC are all outstanding practitioners, who give you support and invaluable feedback that enables you to easily identify and track the improvements in your own personal development; which could otherwise be difficult when dealing with rigours of the NQT year. In addition, you are provided with weekly sessions delivered by staff from across all areas of the school; who share their experiences, tips and strategies in an interactive and stimulating manner. As a new teacher at STAC, you are subtly given additional responsibilities throughout the year and are equally encouraged and supported to do so off your own accord. Upon completion of my NQT at STAC, I feel better equipped to meet the demands of modern teaching and more confident on my ability to become an outstanding one." 


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2022 A Level Results A* - A

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