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Alumni Event, Dec 2018



A number of our past Year 13 students and older boys network had the opportunity to catch up at this informal event at the end of the Autumn 2018 term. We were delighted to welcome them back to share their university and employment experiences so far. It was wonderful for the teachers to see how well their past students are doing!


It is down to the success of our past 6th form students that the 6th form numbers have risen rapidly, and places are in high demand. The alumni enjoyed having a reunion with their old classmates, where they shared fond memories, got in touch with old friends, and built valuable connections for their careers ahead.


We hope that you all stay in touch, and that we can invite you back again to share your advice and guidance on university and employment for our current students.



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Ken (Hamzat) Isah, class of 2018, has been awarded with a highly prestigious scholarship with the Bank of England. Through their African-Caribbean Scholarship programme he will receive £30,000 over the course of his upcoming degree, a paid internship, as well as mentoring support from the bank.


He was delighted to get in touch to share the news, thanking all his teachers – especially Mr Todd, Mr Ba and Mr O'Brien – for their support and advice. Ken described the moment as a high point in his life, and we are pleased that he is well on his way to a successful career.


6th June 2019





Kayode Ewumi, class of 2010, is hitting the screens as star in new BBC Comedy show Enterprice. "Funny, slightly surreal, and totally unpredictable", says the BBC; Kayode wrote this series in homage to Southwark, as a positive light-hearted narrative, hoping to change how the borough is often portrayed in media. “Enterprice is about perseverance”, he says. “Kazim and his best friend are both Nigerian boys who have to prove themselves – something I had to do when I was growing up.” Click here to see more from Southwark News.


He studied Drama and Media at STAC, and has been working with the local community where he launched ‘film stars’ – acting projects for children at his local church. He wants to help young people get into performing arts. We are delighted with Kayode's success and hope that he continues to inspire many more budding drama students.


2nd December 2018



Peter Babudu studied at St Thomas the Apostle from 1994. Peter went on to complete his undergraduate degree at Oxford University and then worked as an economist at the Bank of England. He has also worked as a solicitor and more recently as a director of a social enterprise. Peter is currently a candidate for local councillor in Rye Lane ward. We look forward to hearing more from him in the run up to the May 2018 elections.


We were delighted to catch up with Clement (class of 1996) who came to our recent Aspirations Evening. Clement is now the owner / manager of The Prince of Peckham a great venue located on Clayton Road. Clement has fond memories of his school days - especially of Sister Sarah's maths lessons and the hours and hours of football he played here!


It was brilliant to hear from Jayden Cross recently (class of 2014). Jayden is currently working at Number 9 Downing Street negotiating the implications of Brexit. Jayden said History was his favourite subject whilst at school and recalls Mr Vaughan's dry sense of humour.  




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