Southwark Book Awards 2019



After months of dedicated reading, intense discussion, and discerning voting, a group of STAC students helped to determine the winner of the Southwark Book Awards 2019.

The Southwark Book Awards is an annual event run by schools across the district. Six shortlisted novels are given to students, who ultimately decide which book wins the prize.

At the awards ceremony earlier this month, students got a chance to meet three of the shortlisted authors – Matt Killeen, Ele Fountain, and Sita Brachamari. They left feeling “inspired” by the passion and life the authors brought to their stories, and will no doubt remember the event for years to come. The results from the votes are as follows:


The winner

Boy87 by Ele Fountain


The nominees

Orphan, Monster, Spy by Matt Killeen

Tender Earth by Sita Brachamari

Sky Song by Abi Elphinstone

Moonrise by Sarah Crossan

Ink by Alice Broadway


Feeling intrigued? All these books are available at STAC’s library for students to borrow. Search the catalogue here, or pop in to the library to inquire.


Special mentions to Milosz Hulak, Joshua Quartey and Nnaemeka Odirichukwu for reading all 6 books in just three months; that’s over 2,000 pages!


Congratulations to Oscar Andres Araque for his award-winning book review of Boy87, which can be read on the book awards blog here:


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