Christmas Hampers

This week Mr Vaughan and 25 students visited our parish church to deliver Christmas hampers, the boys efforts have been recognised and we would like to say thank you to all who have contributed. Father Francis has sent the following message to show his thanks:


Dear Mr Vaughan,
Thank you for visiting our Church with the Pupils of St Thomas the
Apostle School and Six Form College to deliver the Christmas hampers. We
are very grateful to you, the pupils, their parents and the management
of the school for training our young people in the culture of giving and
sharing with those in need and the less privileged.

The hampers will be distributed to families and persons who need them
most and will complement our effort to provide food for the needy during
this Christmas. We will let the parishioners know that you have been
here today and you generously offered us food and gifts for those who
need. We are grateful for the sacrifices of the young people who
prepared the hampers and carried them to the church. Thank you for
supporting them.

May we use this opportunity to wish all of you Happy Christmas and God's
special blessing.

Keep Happy!
Fr Francis (on behalf of the Parish Community, Nunhead).


Once again thank you to all of the students and their families who have donated and thank you to Mr Vaughan who has spearheaded this initiative. 


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