Aspirations Evening

The flagship event of the school year at STAC is our Aspirations Evening, which took place on 5th July.  An evening that aims to connect our students with professions and professionals from different backgrounds.  This year we accommodated over 150 guests  from a wider variety of career backgrounds to network with Year 9, 10 and 12 students.  The students met people from medical, legal, engineering, media, apprenticeship, management, finance, small business ownership, public sector backgrounds.  To see the students asking pertinent questions, listening intently and engaging was a great joy for all the teaching staff and makes motivating the students easier as they have a clearer idea of what's involved in that career and what is expected of them in their academic studies.


2017 GCSE Maths results at 4+

2017 GCSE English results at 4+

2017 GCSE results 100% A*-C in 8 subjects

Sixth form leavers attending 1st Choice destination