What do our students study?


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Subject                  KS3                  KS4                 KS5
MathsCompulsoryCompulsoryMaths and Further Maths A Level
EnglishCompulsoryCompulsoryEnglish Literature and Media Studies A Level
ScienceCompulsoryCompulsoryPhysics, Biology, Chemistry A Level, Applied Medical Science BTEC Level 3
RECompulsoryCompulsoryPhilosophy & Ethics A Level
GeographyCompulsory   OptionGeorgraphy A Level
HistoryCompulsoryOptionHistory A Level
Computing & ICTCompulsoryOption of Computer studies GCSE and ICT Vocational QualificationComputer Science A Level and ICT BTEC Level 3
MFLCompulsoryCompulsory for the majority of studentsSpanish, Italian and French A Level
PECompulsoryOption of PE GCSE, Sports Studies Certificate, VCERT Health and FitnessPE A Level, Sport BTEC Level 3
MusicCompulsoryOption of Music GCSE or VCERT Music TechnologyMusic A Level
DramaCompulsoryOption of Drama GCSE or Vocational Award (Acting)Drama and Theatre studies A Level
ArtCompulsoryOptionArt A Level
Design & TechnologyCompulsoryOption 
Food TechnologyCompulsoryOption 
Business Studies Option of GCSE Business, VCERT Business and IFS certificateBusiness Studies A Level, Business BTEC Level 3
Economics OptionEconomics A Level
Psychology  Psychology A Level
Sociology  Sociology A Level
Government & Politics  Government & Politics A Level





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