Alan Yeo 

My name is Alan Yeo, I am a STAC student currently studying Maths, Chemistry and History as part of the sixth form college education. I chose these A-levels, in large part, as I enjoyed these subjects during my time at secondary school and while I am uncertain what I want to become occupationally, I have always enjoyed the idea of a career related in some way to mathematics or chemistry. I decided to continue my education at STAC after my GCSE’s as it’s a place I feel challenged yet comfortable: a second home where my abilities are tested, and I am pushed to get the grades I need and want. More importantly however, the school has helped to nurture me into a young responsible man. In contemplation of my Extra-curricular activities, at the moment I come in at 7:30am on a Friday morning to do football coaching with year 7 students and also to help with logistical areas of the year seven football team. I also run an after school football club for sixth formers and teachers on a Friday evening, which helps those who attend to finish the week in a sportive and relaxed environment.


Benjamin Lawson

My name is Benjamin Lawson, I am studying Biology, Chemistry and Psychology, which I have chosen largely due to my aspirations to become a geneticist. I’ve always liked to help people, and I feel the best way in which I can do so throughout my career is by producing a medicine that helps the whole of humanity. I’ve also always been interested in science as long as I can remember and it is I field I can definitely see myself working in. I chose to come to STAC 6th form because it is a clearly outstanding school that has its pupils’ best interests at heart. It has also been a second home for me, and as such going somewhere else wasn’t an option. Currently I come in every Wednesday morning to teach basketball to the year 7s. I find it very enjoyable and rewarding especially as I see improvements in their skills. It also enjoy the competitive element which I feel is important for their development also.


Jean-Pierre Egenti

I always wanted to be a senior prefect, I enjoy having extra responsibility and I believe it is important to strive to improve personally and for the whole school. As a senior prefect I have to be able to take on board suggestions from my peers.  I do my best to be understanding and patient in every way, while remaining consistent. If I want my ideas to be considered by a larger majority, I am able to effectively communicate my ideas in a way that ensures I am heard. This love for both leadership and co-operation is an attribute that has made me a central part of the senior prefect team, and it has long been an ambition of mine to have a role that would enable me to speak my thoughts and reflect emotions and ideas of others (that they may be unable to say for themselves). Additionally, I would like to highlight that I continue to display excellent attendance, punctuality and behaviour as well as more esoteric skills which I developed, at least in part, during my work experience placement. I am also very self-confident, an attribute which I suggest has come in no small part from being a part of various clubs; from Philosophy Club to competing as part of an athletics team.


Furthermore, I have more recently accepted a role as a mentor for a student in the lower school, via which I attempt to help him consider his decisions and improve his behaviour; a dynamic which I believe portrays my leadership skills and highlights me as a positive role model. This very different sort of responsibility has also allowed me to develop skills which I employ in my everyday life, such as a more honed ability to listen to others. At the moment, I would say that I’m doing my best to balance my social life and my school life in order to achieve the best possible A-Levels. I am truly certain that my experience as a senior prefect will be greatly advantageous for me moving forward, and I am sure that the skills I’ve learned will  significantly help my chances of getting accepted into a Russell Group university via which I hope to pursue my long-time ambition of a career in Business development.


Gabriel Falade

My name is Gabriel Falade, and I am currently studying English Literature, Maths, and French at St Thomas the Apostle College. I chose these subjects because I loved them at GCSE and despite them being very challenging they remain, ultimately, the most rewarding for me. Moreover, especially as I’m not completely sure what path I want to travel, these subjects allow me to keep my options open. From the 5 years I spent at STAC as a secondary school pupil, it became clear that very few schools invest in the future of its students the way STAC does.  From encouraging invaluable extra-curricular activity every Wednesday afternoon, to exclusive opportunities with companies such as Montagu and PWC, their support has been invaluable for my development not only as a student but as a young man. While I do not have a clear-cut area of responsibility within the schools’ prefectural framework, I am closely affiliated and respected by the younger year groups, 7-11. As an internal student, the younger students often reportedly view me as a ‘Big Brother’, meaning staff have been known to approach me when there might be an issue with younger student. I feel I am an excellent role model for the younger students to look up to.

Furthermore, I currently participate in ‘Timetable Rockstars Club’ which is a club run for years’ 7-9 which utilises an online maths platform to help these children practice their  times tables. So far this has proved successful, but we want to work on more ways to motivate and reward students for participating in the club. I also mentor one younger student, and am taking part in the school’s drama production for the 3rd time. In terms of further education, I currently take part in two Further Education schemes – ‘Reading Scholars’ and the ‘Goldsmiths Progression Scheme’, which have both been setup by the school to help encourage an  insight into University life. I am currently planning to complete a Degree Apprenticeship upon completing my A-levels, as it combines working towards a degree alongside getting hands-on experience in a chosen field, which I feel may prove to be an excellent choice for my career.

Grace Aladesuru

My name is Grace Aladesuru and I am studying English Literature, Philosophy & Ethics and Sociology. I chose to come to STAC 6th form because I believed the school was going to academically challenge me and encourage me to push myself further. I believed the school would provide me with opportunities to accumulate cultural capital and decorum and to help build my confidence as a member of wider society. I wanted to attend a school which would help me to properly decide which universities would be the best choice for me, while helping me to step out of my comfort zone. I am a senior prefect which is a very demanding and consistent role that requires and allows me to be more involved in the school and to make more of an impact within my educational environment. I’ve decided to help in interventions for year 10 students who are about to take their English exams in the summer. Moving forward, I would like to study abroad in the US. I’ve made this choice as I feel it’s time for me to experience new cultures and I truly believe such study could prove an incredible and invaluable experience for me. I feel that the structure of US Higher education is a more suitable choice for me as it allows one the freedom to explore and to be more flexible via choice selection, as I’m still undecided on which specialized path I want to take in university. I know there is a scheme through the Sutton Trust which you can be awarded a scholarship to study in the United States.

Larissa Oviawe

My name is Larrissa Oviawe and I am a STAC student currently studying English Literature, Philosophy & Ethics and Applied Medical Science. I specialise more in essay-based subjects as they allow an opportunity to better articulate myself, and to develop more thorough and well-developed arguments. My reasons for attending STAC only really occurred to me the day of my sixth form interview. I was awaiting the interviewing process when a group of year 12s, whom now are year 13, helped me prep in the library. The sense of inclusion and community demonstrated in this act led to a belief that the jump from GCSE to A-level would be done easiest at STAC.I currently partake in Sixth form recreational sport on a Monday afternoon, where I hope to encourage other sixth form girls to be active and feel a better sense of involvement as external students, amongst an all boys’ school. Moving forward, I have aspirations of going to Kings College London to take a course in Midwifery: which I hope will lead to a career as a midwife or in consultant nursing.

Tamara Rachel

My name is Tamara Rachel and I study Biology, Chemistry and Psychology at STAC. I chose these subjects as I aspire to study medicine at university and of course to eventually become a doctor. Ultimately, I would like to be able to set up hospitals in several developing countries like Uganda. I believe healthcare is a hugely important right and that everyone, globally, should have access to good quality medical assistance. I therefore applied to STAC because of its’ reputable position as an institution which encourages one to build a strong work ethic and a formidable internal discipline. From a young age students are taught organisational skills, critical thinking and the importance of perseverance, all of which can be seen via the outstanding GCSE and A level grades achieved by STAC pupils. I also currently assist year 7s in their food technology lessons.  My favourite part about helping in these classes is seeing how their skills progress over time, and observing the way the children grow to help and encourage each other in lessons. Many of the students also utilise what they have learnt in these lessons in their kitchens at home, reinforcing the importance of this key skill while building a healthier generation. In the future I aim to find work experience in a hospital where I can gain a more generous insight into living as a doctor which will allow me to more thoroughly explore the tenants of my future prospective job role. 


Yahkiyah Kusi-Mensah

My name is Yahkiyah Kusi-Mensah. I am currently studying A levels in Biology, Geography and English Literature as well as being a Senior Prefect. Being a senior prefect means that I regularly work in different parts of the school. For example, I have delivered assemblies to younger students in an attempt to advise them, especially basing such talks on our experiences (we were once in their positions!). I also help out with the choir on Wednesday mornings as one of my duties. I chose to come to STAC because of the opportunities and links it provides its students with. For example, it has developed links with programmes such as the EY foundation and universities’ like Oxford, Cambridge and LSE. Also STAC is of only a few 6th form institutions, at least to my knowledge, that provide its students with enrichment programmes outside of a standard academic curriculum, which really appealed to me. I am not quite sure what I want to be or where I want to go with my studies, but I do want to continue into further education, more specifically via University. I have a passion for helping others and children so I have considered child psychology but I also like to debate and to consider potential arguments so I have also considered Law. There is just so much I want to do in the future, but whichever path I decide to follow, I am sure I will get there with the strength and perseverance I have developed at STAC.


Aiah Kaimondo

'My name is Aiah Kaimondo, I am studying Mathematics, Physics and Geography at STAC. I chose to study these A-levels in pursuit of my goal to become an aeronautical engineer. For a long time I have been inspired by discoveries and creations from the engineering world and to become a part of this world would be amazing. I chose to come to STAC because it maintains a reputation as an outstanding school, with teachers who are willing to help whenever needed. The STAC community has been a second home for me and I would like to extend my advice to all STAC students in the years below;  if you are given the chance to stay and further your education in our Sixth Form, take the opportunity. I left to study my A-levels elsewhere originally,  and struggled to adapt to a new environment and to teachers who, I felt,  cared very little about the quality of education they offered; hence my return to St. Thomas. Extracurricularly, I partake in football sessions every Friday with Alan Yeo, within which we motivate year 10s and 11s to be physically active which is good for their wellbeing. Largely due to my time at STAC, In the future I would like to invest in education for children around the world who can’t afford learning materials, uniforms etc., so that they may have the same focused and exceptional education I have been offered.'