Andrew Hassan

I love having the responsibility of prefect as I have such care for the school. STAC has always been there for me, and to simply put it I would like to return the favour. I believe that I have a duty of care, responsibility and drive. I will ensure that the year 12 senior prefect team work together in perfect harmony to ensure the family atmosphere that STAC works so hard to provide. This is my 6th year at the school, to which last year I was Deputy Head Boy, so this means that I am the most suitable candidate who knows the ins and outs of the school the best and will not shy away from responsibility. I am confident enough to lead and present, and not afraid to pick up the team if they start to fall behind in their respective duties. I am so pleased I came to continue to study at STAC. It has really formal environment for us to gain our full potential.


Azeezat Yusuff

I study the subjects Chemistry, Maths and Biology. I chose these subjects, as I enjoy them, and I would like to pursue a career in the medical field at a Russel Group university in the future. I chose to come to STAC sixth form, as I was able to see how passionate the school was to help all their students prosper and go to outstanding universities. As a young black female attending a state school, I understand how challenging it is to get into prestigious universities. However, judging from the grades at STAC, I have been confident that they would help me achieve my goals and succeed in life, starting right from my journey at the sixth form, by providing me with the best possible opportunities for my course.

I have been involved in many activities within the school, such as the Mentoring programme, African Aerobics and the Medicine pathway programme. At my previous school, I also took part in activities such as Netball and an Oxbridge programme. All these activities have helped me to build my confidence and understanding of areas outside of the subjects I learn during the school day. Aside from school, I have also been involved in extracurricular activities, such as NCS volunteering this summer, tutoring kids with Arabic and volunteering to help out at my local mosque.

I chose to apply for senior prefect, as I saw this as an opportunity to build my confidence, enhance my critical thinking skills and ability to think outside of the box. I want to put myself out there to experience demanding situations that I may not be comfortable with. I also enjoy being involved with the school to work with others and achieve the goal of having a positive impact on our educational environment. My discreet role in the leadership team is Mentoring. I applied for this role in particular, as I would like to help other students in the younger years who may need guidance both academically and pastorally.

My future aspirations are to study medicine at a top university, as previously mentioned, but also to give back to my community. I believe it is important to remember where my journey started and to help those who will be in my shoes in 20 years from now not think I could achieve.


Esther F Tojola

I am a current STAC student, and I am currently studying English Literature, Philosophy and Ethics and Government and Politics as part of the sixth form college education. I chose my A-level subjects because of two reasons, the first being that they happened to be subjects I enjoyed studying at GCSE’s and the second because they will help me in developing the skills I need to pursue my future career goals. I decided that my educational path will be at STAC after my GCSE’s because I am confident that the sixth form has the ability to help me achieve success at the end of the two years. STAC is a sixth form that would challenge me and help me superseded my expectations of myself. Most importantly, STAC has been like a second home for me since I joined. It is a school that prides itself on communities and education, and their core values shine in everything they do. The school has helped me challenge my limitations and is pushing to heights I did not think I could achieve.


Joseph Eldo

I study Maths, Further Maths, Physics, and Economics. I chose these subjects as they were my most enjoyable subjects in year 11, and now that I am in year 12, I feel even more fascinated, because of the new content I am studying. Since I was young, I have always been interested in designing and problem-solving, which is the main reason why I would like to pursue a career in engineering. Therefore, I believe my choice of A level subjects places me in the best position to attain my goals. One of the main reasons why I decided to stay here at STAC was because of how far my teachers pushed me to attain my grades from year 7 through to year 11. I always felt challenged at STAC, and I was always taken out of my comfort zone, which in turn helped me to become a well-rounded student.

Having been Head Boy in year 11, I was eager to continue my senior role within the school, as I want to make the sixth-form a calm but productive environment for my peers. My primary prefect role is 'community and culture', I applied for this role as I am very proud of the community I built myself around and I hope to contribute to it during my time here in the sixth-form. Currently, I am working on mentoring those in the lower years helping them to maintain a focus on their studies, and as a prefect team, we are continually thinking of ways to improve our sixth form.


JB (Joshua) Obanleowo

I am studying Politics, PE and Sociology. My ambition is to achieve happiness and make the people around me happy and stable whichever path I take. I do football coaching and scouting outside of school, which I have been doing since I was 10/11 years old. I applied to become a prefect because, with this role, I truly believe I can help the community on a large scale. Although I am the sports prefect, I am confident that I can venture out into other roles if need be. I believe my life's purpose is to help people in my community and around the world, and the senior prefect role allows me to have greater access to fulfilling my purpose one step at a time. I briefly felt this in Year 11 as I was a blue blazer, and being a senior prefect allows me to continue.


Lenny Cole

My name is Lenny Cole; a current member of the STAC sixth form. I have decided to study Maths Chemistry and Biology during my course here. I choose these A-levels primarily because I was quite prolific in these fields during my time in secondary, and I enjoy them thoroughly. The choice to carry on here was quite easy because I know this school provides an excellent, challenging and nurturing environment for me to realise my full potential. Moreover, and perhaps more critically the culture and ethos that this school so holds so dear have helped mould my character into what it is today. I am the prefect in charge of recruitment; which involves conveying all the best parts of the school so that more people feel encouraged to join and I am in charge of extra-circular activities which entails the overseeing of the clubs in this school and the encouragement of students to join these

Liora Mihaela Frimu

I am really happy that I came to STAC to study for 6th form. I looked around at different 6th forms but I really thought STAC stood out for its excellent structure and really caring environment. Its results are fantastic and I know now why – the teachers do not ever accept anything but your best. I am very open minded, meaning that I can listen to other people’s ideas. I think this is a really important skill to have when working in a team. I am very organized and have already organised a number of events in school. I can act under pressure and get things done really quickly. I feel I am very approachable and I would like to feel that anyone in the year group could come and see me if they were struggling with a situation. I always like looking for a positive solution. My public speaking journey has also been pretty amazing as I went from not being able to open my mouth in public without crying, to leading assemblies,  leading certain group activities, organize events and even wining 3rd place in the Jack Petchey competition. Everyone has their own way of standing out, shinning, mine is being a leader, surrounded by people and doing my best to help everyone around me even when I am not perfect myself. We all have areas we can work on, its really important to learn from each other. On top of this, I do a lot of interesting activities outside of school as I attend Air Cadets (1921 Lewisham Squadron) where not only I work a lot on my leading skills, but I also learn things such as First Aid( I am a qualified first aider) and survival skills and I would love passing these on maybe in workshops (leading a Wednesday workshop) or in an assembly.

I would also love to get involved in the mentoring scheme with the younger year groups. I would like to help those students that English is not their first language.


Maleeka Smith

I attend St Thomas Apostle Sixth form (STAC). I am a senior prefect, currently studying Chemistry, Biology and Psychology. I chose these subjects because I enjoyed them the most at GCSE level during secondary school. Moreover, they will help me to peruse my career to study medicine in university. I want to study medicine at university with the hopes of becoming a psychiatrist. I chose to study my A-level at STAC because I heard many great things about them. This was reinforced when I attended the open day. All the students that I met were welcoming and seemed professional. They showed a maturity and dedication that I truly admired. 

Upon attending STAC, I can say that they are they real deal. The teachers are committed and they really push you to achieve your best. The teachers are also supportive and are always there to guide you. I am currently doing a mentoring scheme. This will allow me to mentor the younger members of the school. I will give extra support and guide them so they can become better students. Mentoring is a large part of the reason of why I applied to be a senior prefect. School can be very challenging for young people however, I have always been passionate about helping people. By being a mentor I can guide and support younger students in the school, or even students in my year group as they progress. This includes helping them with their school work or being there when they need someone to talk to.


Nicolas Otoibhi

I am currently a STAC Sixth Form Student. I am currently doing A-Levels in Maths Economics and Politics. I particularly chose these due to the passion I have for economics and politics as I had done economics in secondary school, and I am determined to continue studying all the way through university as I am intrigued in a career in the financial industry. I decided that STAC was the right place for me to continue my studies due to the community the school had established with all the students and teachers. This meant that I did not have to look anywhere else as STAC had all I needed already. At STAC I’m the senior prefect in the liturgy. This means I’m going to help out with events based around religion. I choose to apply as I felt that the role would suit me as I’d consider myself as a Charitable person. However, my main goal to achieve at STAC is to get my grades and go on to study at a good university.



Sherise Morrison 

I am a STAC student currently studying Chemistry, Business and English. Although it may seem like an unusual mix of subjects. They will allow keeping my options open as I am unsure whether to pursue a career in law, journalism or acting. Choosing to study at STAC was one of the best decisions I have made as I am consistently challenged and supported by all my teachers. Moreover, I am grateful for the opportunity to be a prefect. Being a prefect, in particular, my role as a mentor will allow me to make a positive difference in students lives as I am able to identify causes to their behaviour and then help them to consider options to improve it. Also, actively listen to any concerns they may have or even assist in unlocking their full potential in terms of attainment.


Stephen Odeleye

What am I studying?

 I am studying Maths, Further Maths, Economics and Chemistry.

What are my ambitions?

One of my ambitions is to get A* stars in my A-levels. My major ambitions are to go to a Russell Group University and have a career in finance.

What is my role?

Currently, as a Senior Prefect, I am leading in the charity. This means that I will be leading the year group in charities week and other charity events.

Why I applied to be a senior prefect?

I applied to be senior prefect because I am very hardworking, dedicated and reliable, which is shown not only by my grades but through the opinions of others about me, including teachers and students. I am a role model among my peers and to the lower school. Being a Senior Prefect helps me to improve my leadership skills.

What I have been engaged in

I have been doing work experience, so recently I have done work experience with a company called Cisco. Cisco is a large tech company. Through the work experience, I not only gain information about the roles in the company, but I also learned about different pathways to different careers.