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Year 12 Induction

The Year 12s started off the year with an induction day that involved a variety of activities from getting the right mind set for 6th form, employability opportunities and a time to get to know each other.

Rochelle writes about her experiences at starting STAC 6th form.

As a new and external student, it is normal to have an overwhelming amount of nerves on your first day at 6th form, coming in seeing new faces and meeting new people who have come from different schools. However, this experience was made so much easier by staff members who facilitated us with activities in a way that made us feel tremendously welcomed, in every way possible. The activities ranged from university webinars to a relaxing session at the end of the day, comfortably conversing and competing (in sports activities) with people I only met a few hours ago. The webinars were informative and will be useful for our future plans, in particular, the questions and answer section of the assembly where the new year 12’s got to ask the year 13’s who had just left about their personal experiences and tips, which I personally found to be one of the most beneficial recreational activity of the day. In a time of uncertainty, we were reassured and comforted by staff and current students. Overall, induction day was a day filled with a mixture of emotions but I can say it’s a day I shall not forget.

Rochelle Raymond Carter

Year 12 Enrichment Fair

The year 12 student has their enrichment fair on Wednesday 9th September. Covid-19 will not be holding the 6th form team back this year as we have an excitement assortment of opportunities on offer for our new year 12 cohort. From physical offers such as running club, weight training and African aerobics to our Oxbridge and Medicine programmes, students will be maximising use of their Wednesday afternoons! Also on offer, to name but a few are investment club, Gospel Choir, coding, Duke of Edinburgh and the EPQ. We are so excited about the new programmes on offer so watch this space for more information on how our year 12s are progressing! 

Arrival Education

Last week Tuesday, we had an assembly from Arrival Education. A company that allows organisations to become more socially and ethnically diverse and inclusive. It also allows young people to gain opportunities with things to do with investment and healthcare and many more. I gained a lot from the assembly. One thing they talked to us about was the Access Network where it benefits young people hugely in terms of employability and aspirational networking. Another thing, the company talked to us about was an investment programme. This is where we can enter into teams and learn the rules and key things to becoming a successful investor. These are all great opportunities being given to us which a lot of us can benefit from and help us in the future.


UCAS Final Decisions

Despite the unprecedented year, there has been great success at St Thomas the Apostle Sixth Form.

Our students have gained university places at excellent and prestigious institutions with over half of our students going on to attend Russell Group universities, including LSE, University of Warwick, UCL and King’s College, London. 

It is especially pleasing as several students have received full scholarships which will mean they graduate with no debt.

We are incredibly proud of our students for displaying resilience and determination in difficult circumstances.

Of particular note for our school, was our most successful Oxbridge year yet. Renee Ansah will be attending Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge to read Land Economy and David Ayeni will also be studying Land Economy at University of Cambridge, but at Sidney Sussex College. Joshua Abioye, who broke school records after achieving A*A*A* will be studying Chemistry at University of Oxford.


Well done Year 13! We are so proud of you all.


Exam Success!


We are really proud and happy to announce the exceptional results of our 2019 A Level cohort. The results are testament to hard work and close collaboration between staff, students and parents alike and see our students heading off to prestigious universities. Our ALPS score of a 2 places us in the top 10% of Sixth Forms nationally.


Particular highlights include:


52% of all students achieved at least one A Level Grade A*-A
88% of all A Level Grade A*-B
23% of students achieved grades
Average grade achieved by A-Level student is a B



Our First Medic!


We are delighted to announce that Kevwe (class of 2019) has secured a place to study Medicine at University. This is a hugely impressive achievement given how incredibly competitive it is to win a place at medical school. We wish Kevwe all the success in the world and know she will made an incredible doctor in the future.


Bank of England Scholarship Success


Ken (Hamzat) Isah, class of 2018, has been awarded with a highly prestigious scholarship with the Bank of England. Through their African-Caribbean Scholarship programme he will receive £30,000 over the course of his upcoming degree, a paid internship, as well as mentoring support from the bank.


He was delighted to get in touch to share the news, thanking all his teachers – especially Mr Todd, Mr Ba and Mr O'Brien – for their support and advice. Ken described the moment as a high point in his life, and we are pleased that he is well on his way to a successful career.


UBS Assessment Centre – Year 12

5th April, 2019


For our PSHCE day, Year 12 Economics students were given the opportunity to visit the UBS Mock Assessment Centre in Liverpool Street.


Our visit was spilt into 3 parts; the first part included taking part is psychometric tests, interview and employability skills. By doing these tasks we were able to understand how big firms are able to narrow down their candidate lists by using such tests.


For the second part of our visit, we were given a case study which outlined the conflicting decisions of a father and daughter within a fashion business. Our task was to find the best solution to satisfy all parties involved and pitch a presentation to the group and the UBS staff. This helped us to develop our public speaking skills as well as time keeping as we only had 10 minute to prepare a detail presentation outlining our option and the reasons why.


For the final part of the day, the UBS volunteers kindly dedicated their time to help us with interview preparation. With the volunteers rotating in a carousel motion, we were able gather a wide range gather a wide scope of advice from the staff who work in various departments. As a cohort, we were very grateful for the chance to gain first-hand experience in the financial sector and gain valuable knowledge of the selection process.


Hannah Opeodu, Year 12 student



Yr12 Visit to Imperial College London

5th April, 2019


The visit to Imperial College London on Thursday 4th April gave 31 Year 12 students interested in STEM degree courses a look around one of the most competitive universities in the country. The day started with a talk from one of Imperial’s admissions tutors, Dr Holloway about university selection and the UCAS application process.


With a small introduction about Imperial and UCAS, we were taken on a campus tour by two current undergraduates. It was great to see the working environment there, from laboratories to lecture theatre, wind tunnels and the impressively vast materials testing workshop in the Civil Engineering department. After we had a break for lunch two amazing PhD students introduced their work. A young lady spoke about her research into how fake news is being spread in our globalised world and the part artificial intelligence and takes in solving it. Following student questionnaires, another PhD student, that works in collaboration both with Imperial and UCL on small particles called “Nanoparticles”, briefly explained the particles role in detecting explosives and biological weapons.

In my opinion, I had a great day which really enlightened me to the opportunities available in the future and the options I have over the next 18months.


Kidus Tesera, Year 12 student



SLAMbassadors for STAC

13th February, 2019


Precious Olisaokafor and Joshua Eyakware are helping to develop the future of UK spoken word poetry, as winners of the SLAMbassadors National Youth Slam for 13-18 year olds.


They were hand-picked for the SLAMbassadors Showcase 2018 – a masterclass and talent showcase – based on their passionate performances and great potential, where they got to perform their own original work. They will continue to work alongside some of the biggest names in spoken word today, as their win in the contest opens up the world of performance and publishing through The Poetry Society mentoring program.


When given the opportunity to take their talents to the stage in front of the whole school, they ignited the assembly hall, inspiring other students with their impassioned words, entertaining with their clever word play.


We are delighted by their success, and hope that they will continue to write and perform as they hone their skills alongside other young poets, rappers and MCs.


Ms Tate

Librarian & Sixth Form Study Supervisor



University of Cambridge success

29th January, 2019


We are delighted to announce that Amaka has been awarded a place at Corpus Christi College, University of Cambridge to study Psychological and Behavioural Sciences. It is a fantastic achievement especially in the context that last year alone there were nearly 18,000 applications to the University of Cambridge. It is remarkable that Amaka has gained a place at a university that has consistently remained in the top three globally, alongside the University of Oxford and Harvard University respectively.


As you will be aware, much has been made in the press of the inequality in admissions at Oxbridge and Russell Group universities, so I hope that we can all come together as a school to celebrate and be inspired by Amaka bucking this trend.


As a sixth form, we have now begun to create our own trends and traditions. Congratulations to Amaka for starting this one.


Miss Rodin

Deputy Head of Sixth Form






21st January, 2019


On Monday 21st of January, Dr Ejiofor, a graduate from Imperial College, came in to talk to year 12 students about mental health. She discussed the detrimental effects in which poor mental health can have on an individual’s quality of life and the importance of being in control of our feelings and emotions. A statistic that left me in shock was that suicide is the biggest killer of people aged under 35. This is due to many factors such as a lack of self-esteem and confidence; linking the strong influence of social media. This in hindsight highlighted the importance of taking a break from the virtual world and the impact it can have on one’s self perception. Dr Ejiofor presented us with several ways that we can maintain mental health such as talking to others, exercising and meditating. This was a very informative talk which reinforced the importance of good mental health and added credibility to the reasons for why we don’t have the distractions of smart phones in class!


Natalie Bonsu

Year 12 student



Year 12 Goldsmiths Progression Scheme

8th January, 2019


Year 12 have more success to celebrate as the following students have all gained places on the prestigious Goldsmiths Progression Scheme: David Ayeni, Kadie Koroma, Samira Begum, Erick Fabrizzio Mendizabal Villarroel, Renée Bennett, Victory Etafo, Samuel Olajugba and Kidus Tesera.


It is an excellent scheme that will prepare these pupils for higher education and on successful completion will mean they are eligible for lower entry requirements if they apply to Goldsmiths. They will enhance their critical thinking skills, increase their subject knowledge and go on various cultural visits and summer schools.


We know that they will make the most of this wonderful opportunity and look forward to hearing about their progress.


Miss Rodin

Deputy Head of Sixth Form



University of Cambridge shadowing team success

7th January, 2019


The sixth form team are delighted to congratulate:

Joshua Aboiye, Kun Fang, Natalie Bonsu, David Ayeni and Kyeva Graham for successful applications to the 2019 Cambridge University Students’ Union (CUSU) Shadowing Scheme. Over 3000 students from across the United Kingdom applied for 300 places which is a tremendous achievement.


During the Shadowing Scheme, they will stay in one of the Colleges (halls of residence), and go to lectures, classes and social activities all alongside current Cambridge undergraduates.


We know that they will seize this unique opportunity with both hands and we look forward to hearing about their experiences.


Miss Rodin

Deputy Head of Sixth Form



Alumni Event

20th December, 2018



A number of our past Year 13 students and older boys network had the opportunity to catch up at this informal event at the end of term. We were delighted to welcome them back to share their university and employment experiences so far. It was wonderful for the teachers to see how well their past students are doing!


It is down to the success of our past 6th form students that the 6th form numbers have risen rapidly, and places are in high demand. The alumni enjoyed having a reunion with their old classmates, where they shared fond memories, got in touch with old friends, and built valuable connections for their careers ahead.


We hope that you all stay in touch, and that we can invite you back again to share your advice and guidance on university and employment for our current students.




Ms Pearce

Head of Sixth Form



Sixth Form mentoring, talks and opportunities.

1st October, 2018


On Friday 28th September we were very fortunate to have a series of talks and visits for our sixth form.


The day began with a breakfast meeting led by Ed Peacock of Credit Suisse who met with our Year 13 budding engineers to discuss career prospects and the importance of high aspirations. They were able to ask him questions about his time at Cambridge and his work as an analyst. It was a great chance for them to network.


This was followed by a talk for our biologists and chemists from Kings’ College’s Dental Society where students gained insight into the world of medicine and dentistry. Students were privy to valuable information about the UKCAT, the interview process and were able to have an informal Q and A with current students about life on an intensively academic course at a top university.

The day culminated with a talk from Goldsmiths College about the prestigious Goldsmiths’ Progression Scheme which is run in partnership with Realising Opportunities which allows successful attendees to be eligible for a significantly lower offer for a prestigious university.


It has been an exciting and aspirational start to the term which we intend to continue.


Miss Rodin

Deputy Head of Sixth Form



The Walk

September 2018

Jesus Correa Fuenmayor, Henry Ha, Akpobome Onojeruo, Chibeze Nwangwu 


Their story, in their words….


Going on an 80-mile walk wasn’t something we had planned to do over our summer holidays, little did we know that it would be the most challenging adventure we had ever encountered.


Day 1:
The journey started on Golf road after a gruelling 14hr bus ride, from London Victoria to Golf road Ballater, we set sail for a 15km. We soon realized we had vastly underestimated the difficulty of the task in hand. Not only did the queens arrival derail us from our original route leading to an extended walk, we were also forced to camp in a damp marshy land, full of mosquitos and ticks (sadly this will not be the last time we will encounter them). To our surprise the queen had arrived to her home not a stone throw away.


Day 2:
On the following day we embarked on our journey to Lochnagar! This was by far the easiest day. We had gotten used to the environment and the 23km hike felt like it was nothing. However, we were missing the pegs for one of our tents. Meaning we had to share one set of pegs between the two of us this left our tents severely exposed for the wind to have its way with us, causing us to constantly keep waking up in the middle of the night.


Day 3:
After a very rough night we started our walk feeling demotivated as our bodies were feeling the after effect of such an extensive walk and the sleepless nights had begun to catch up with us. As we arrived to Loch Esk after a 21km walk we realized we had some time to spare and decided to walk up a nearby mountain to admire the sunset and the night sky. Unfortunately going down was not as easy as going up.

Day 4:
Feeling motivated as our journey was coming to an end we decided to take some time to absorb the beauty as well as get in touch with fellow travellers from all over the word as far as Australia and Germany! Later in the day we sat down to have a meal near Black Hill only to find out we had left some food at home, meaning we had to share a packet of uncle bens rice between the four of us. We ended the day with an intense game of extreme frisbee.


Day 5/6:
After a freezing cold night, we woke up to find out the tick spray had not worked and Jesus and Henry were full of ticks!!! Fortunately, we found a tick card in the first aid kit. Day 6 was relatively boring as we walked to Ballater to end our amazing journey. We then took a bus back to Aberdeen to then take a coach back to London.


This trip has allowed us to take a break from a very stressful year of A-levels and life. We would like to thank everybody part of the Mark Evison for giving us the opportunity of a life time, to do something we never thought we would do.





St Thomas the Apostle 6th Form Year 12 Induction Days

September 2018


On Thursday and Friday 6th & 7th September we welcomed 110 new students to our sixth form. Students were introduced to life in the 6th Form with two action packed days of talks, and activities designed to prepare them for the academic pressures Year 12 and Year 13 hold. On Day 1 students got a welcome assembly from Mr Connolly, Ms Pearce and Mr O’Brien. Then students heard from Patrick Wilson, who is an Investment banker about prospective careers in finance and investment banking. They then the had ‘Live n Learn’ a company who specialise in preparing students for independent study and the growth mindset. They then heard from NCS (National Citizenship Service) and how they could be involved in their autumn programme. Thursday finished with some team sport and a BBQ to help all our new students get to know each other. Friday began with our very own STAC enterprise challenge where students had to work effectively in teams and plan a fundraiser and pitch their ideas back to our esteemed judges. Friday afternoon finished off our Induction with a trip to Hollywood bowl and a few hours bowling which allowed all students to mingle and interact well before lessons began on Monday morning.




‘Duchess of Malfi’ English trip



During half term, our A-Level English class accompanied by Miss Rodin made the trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon to see the 'Duchess of Malfi' performed at the RSC. Despite the moaning about the length of the journey and the lack of Morley’s- we were amazed by how beautiful the town centre was and really enjoyed seeing all the references to Shakespeare- another playwright we had studied.


As it was the first text we studied on our A-level course, each of us had formed our own thoughts of how the play would be and how it should be performed. This version was modernised with an incredibly strong female lead which was a nice contrast to her creepy and cruel brothers. There something really special about seeing a play that I have studied come to life. It  was great and a crucial reminder to remember that a play is meant to be seen and not just read as a script.


I would recommend going to see it- but avoid the front row as it is very gory!


Joyce Tao

Year 13 student


Trip to AMP Gallery

March, 2018


On Wednesday 8th March, I was lucky enough to visit the AMP gallery alongside Miss Griggs and some of my peers. We were greeted there by 2 lovely women who were artists and lead the session we had there. We started off easy looking at art work they had made previously including one consisting of 14 spreads of a life size meadow! As well as that, the whole gallery was covered in a newspaper from that week that the artists had replicated themselves by hand and then photo copied numerous times to cover the walls and windows of the gallery.


When the session began, we started off drawing stills of cars and then progressed to drawing landscapes and people with only pencils and pads, no rubbers. We would be shown an image for 1 minute then asked to draw or write from memory for 4 minutes before presenting to each other. When presenting, we would explain the ideas behind our drawings as well as the things we found difficult or easy about the tasks. Many of us shared the same problem which was drawing from memory as the images were rather complex and busy in content but the task was interesting nonetheless. Overall, the trip was a wonderful learning experience that broadened my knowledge of artwork and drawing and I would love to visit again soon.

Vanessa Uyigue

Year 12 student




St Thomas the Apostle College’s first alumni event

January 2018


2018 began with excitement as we hosted our first ever inaugural alumni event. It was well attended by staff and (former) pupils who all gathered together to reflect and reminisce about their time at ST Thomas the Apostle College.


Former pupils were given a tour of the school and were amazed by how much the school had transformed over the years.  It was especially nice to see our first ever sixth form cohort return to school and to hear how they were flourishing at university and in their chosen careers.


The evening acted as testimony to the core values of the school: we are a community and once you are a STAC pupil, you will always belong to here.


We are already planning the next event- if you know an old boy of STAC please get in touch with us so they can be included in the invitation list.


Alistair Spalding Talk


Year 12 and 13 were privileged to hear Alastair Spalding, Chief executive of prestigious dance company Sadler’s’ Wells deliver a speech.


During his speech he outlined his journey from leaving school with no qualifications to retraining to become a teacher. At the age of 30, he decided to pursue a career in the arts and so completely changed direction and worked in the theatre in programming.


He eventually went on to be part of the team that rescued the failing Sadler’s Wells from closing down as it was failing financially and commercially. It was inspiring to hear how he had persevered and overcome obstacles (both mental and physical) to eventually make Sadler’s Wells one of the most successful dance companies in the world.


We were left with real food for thought as we were forced to question our own lives and choices. What would we do when faced with a similar situation? Would we give up? Or, like Alastair Spalding draw on our mental strength and make a difficult situation successful?




Trip to Goldsmiths University

December, 2017

Precious Olisaokafor


The trip to Goldsmiths University, 13th December 2017, by EPQ STAC students consisted of gaining access to the University’s library. Students at the reception received a Library reference user card, in which they can use as a pass, permitting them access to the library and other literary resources.


The afternoon saw students receiving a tour from Goldsmith’s head librarian Mark Preston. The Library which is sited in the Rutherford Building (which also consists of departments such as; Digital Media Suite, the Copy Centre, and Technology Centre), contained three floors, a bottom floor café, a quiet study area, and a laptop study suite.


Following the tour was a workshop whereby students were spoken to about access to library books both, physical, and e-book resources. With up to 300,000 books, and around 7,000 journals (most of which were available on e-book) students were shown a PowerPoint of how to search up books within the library, through the university’s online catalogue.


Subsequently, students received an insight on research tips, in terms of siting references correctly, and avoiding plagiarism. Information of subject support teachers (who could help assist students in terms of research for specific subjects), were also explained to the EPQ group.


Finally, as a form of practice students were given a chance to go up to the library and use the catalogue to search up books related to their EPQ project, bring them back to the tour guide, discuss their findings, and how it relates to their EPQ project in terms of research. The day was useful in the sense that students would now be able to efficiently use the resources available to them, to acquire more background knowledge about their areas of study .



Cambridge Success


We are delighted that two of our Year 13s have navigated the Cambridge application process successfully thus far and have been invited to interview for their respective courses.

Joyce Tao has been invited to an interview at St Catharine’s College to read Law and Jamele McIntosh to read Economics at Fitzwilliam College.

It has been a challenging process with applicants having to submit their UCAS application form three months ahead of the official UCAS deadline.

Further to this, each candidate had to submit an additional questionnaire for Cambridge and had to sit a test in their respective fields designed by University of Cambridge.

It has been a rigorous process and we are really proud of what they have achieved so far.
These interviews are not just an outcome of an application process but of their hard work over their school career.

Well done and good luck!

Miss Rodin

Deputy Head of Sixth Form 



The Mark Evison Foundation Bursary


The Mark Evison Foundation (MEF) aims to promote the personal development of young people through the undertaking of challenges. The foundation was set up in memory of Lt Mark Evison who died while serving the British army in Afghanistan by his mother. His values and characters are a strong driving force within the foundation.


Two weeks ago, Year 12 received an assembly from a representative from MEF and my group of friends and I had decided that we were going to take on a challenge We came up with the idea to hike across a European country, while performing different tasks, such as volunteering and making a documentary about our overall experience. Last week Monday, we met with a representative from the Mark Evison Foundation, who had also taken part in the challenge by cycling from Dulwich to France, to discuss our proposal for the available £500 bursary. Currently, my group and I are planning the logistics of our proposal by budgeting transport costs, accommodation, food and other essentials. We aim to submit our proposal before Christmas and complete the challenge in the summer holidays of 2018.


Ro Olawale

Year 12 student



Honours Board


The new honours board tracks the university destinations of some of the 2017 leavers from Year 13. The diverse range of degrees and locations around the United Kingdom, as well as USA, are represented. Pictured is Emmanuel Adepoju from that year group, who features for his place at Loughborough University to study Mechanical Engineering from September 2018




Senior Prefects

The application, nomination and selection process has now been finalised for the committee of 6th form Senior Prefects. The seven students who have successfully applied and interviewed for the positions will now take on leadership roles within the 6th form and with students throughout the school; whether that be leading the student council, mentoring, taking responsibility for extracurricular events and of course acting as role models to the student body. Students throughout STAC should approach the Senior Prefects in Year12 with any issues they have and take the advice they can offer from their considerable experience. It is pleasing to put together this leadership group of boys who have established themselves at STAC for many years as well as other students who have joined us this September for their A Level Studies and made such a positive impact.


Mr Walter

Assistant Head Teacher




UCAS update


It has been an exciting time for Year 13 who have begun their UCAS journey. Students have made their five university choices and have been honing their personal statements where they outline exactly why they want to study their subject at University level.


We have had some early successes: Jamele McIntosh and Joyce Tao have received three out of their five offers a full two months before the official deadline. In other exciting news, Joyce Tao has been invited to interview to read Law at St Catherine’s College Cambridge.

Omar Sesay, Carelle Toukam and Amal Agastin have also already started to receive offers from some exceptional universities.

Collectively we have had offers from: King’s College, University of Bristol, University of Nottingham, University of Liverpool, Brunel University and Loughborough University.


All of these applicants have demonstrated the following skills:

  • - Passion for their subject
  • - Evidence of engagement with their subject outside their lessons
  • - The ability to reflect on their learning


I look forward to updating you further as we receive more offers.


Miss Rodin

Deputy Head of Sixth Form



InsideMed and K Plus talk


On Friday 22nd of September, the budding medics and students in Year 12 were treated to an intimate talk by Kings College University who were launching their new scheme InsideMed.


We were very fortunate to have access to this scheme as it is its first year of conception and only a few schools were granted access to it.


Students learnt how to apply for the scheme which enabled them to have access to mentoring, help with finding work experience and also valuable personal statement advice and guidance.


This talk was the first event of the Oxbridge programme here at St Thomas the Apostle Sixth Form and one that highlights in the opportunities on offer as part of the programme. The programme serves to raise aspirations and provide links for students to expand on their academic interests.


Further to this, the pupils received an additional talk from Kings College University about their K Plus scheme. One of our current Year 13s, Azeez Oyeneyin, was able to gain a place on this prestigious scheme last year and has really benefitted from the process. 


We hope to see lots of pupils on the scheme in the future and wish them well in their applications!



Miss Rodin

Deputy Head of Sixth Form



Oxbridge Applications


This half term has been a busy one for all Year 13s who are working hard in their UCAS applications; honing their personal statements whilst still balancing their academic workload.


It has been particularly busy for our Oxbridge cohort whose deadline was a full three months before everyone else. The pressure was on to produce quality personal statements, complete wider reading and perhaps, most importantly, to decide which colleges and courses they wanted to apply for.


Applications ranged from Law to Economics and with an additional personal statement and entrance examination before they find out if they have been granted an interview- it is still a long road ahead of them. The Cambridge application process is particularly complicated but one our students have found worthwhile.


On behalf of the sixth form team, we wish them luck and will continue to support them every step of the way.



Miss Rodin

Deputy Head of Sixth Form





% of students receiving offers from their 1st choice University

% of students gaining A*-C grades in their A Levels

% of leavers going to University or entering apprenticeships

% of students meeting or exceeding their target grades