Local artist Ed Gray visits STAC


Last Thursday we were delighted to welcome local artist Ed Gray to our school to talk to prospective A-level students about education and career pathways into the arts. Ed has a long history with our school having worked here many years ago. He is now a highly sought after successful artist who has travelled the world and was commissioned as official artist at the 2010 South African world cup.

Our prospective A-level students had the opportunity to talk to Ed about education and career pathways into the arts and to find out about his personal experiences and the opportunities out there for creative minded individuals. The UK’s creative industry employs more than 2.5 million people!

“It was an eye opening experience talking to Ed, I didn’t realise how many different types of jobs there were for arts graduates. People he was at art college with are now working in film, tv, theatre, galleries, teaching, web design, product design, the list goes on! I am definitely going to pursue Art and Design for A-level” (yr11 student)

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